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What Is the Reason for the Reduction of Bar Cutting Efficiency?

The bar cutting machine is designed to cut all kinds of round rebar and deformed rebar to a fixed length. It is a typical rebar cutting processing equipment. Generally, there are two types of automatic bar cutting machine and semi-automatic bar cutting machine in the domestic market. Application services play a very important role in the prestressing process of…

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Causes and Solutions of Failures That Can Be Checked by the Wire

The competition in the rebar processing machinery industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many rebar processing machinery manufacturers continue to improve and upgrade their equipment. The wire straightener and cutter is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the rebar processing. It is inevitable that some products will suffer from some faults during use. In order not to affect the…

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How to Judge the Working Performance of the Steel Bar Bending

1. Introduction of the steel rebar bending machine The steel rebar is one of the most important auxiliary materials in the implementation of engineering. The steel rebar is extremely hard, and it is generally difficult to bend or cut manually. The emergence of steel rebar processing machinery is to improve work efficiency. There are many steel rebar bending machines…

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