What Is the Reason for the Reduction of Bar Cutting Efficiency?

The bar cutting machine is designed to cut all kinds of round rebar and deformed rebar to a fixed length. It is a typical rebar cutting processing equipment. Generally, there are two types of automatic bar cutting machine and semi-automatic bar cutting machine in the domestic market. Application services play a very important role in the prestressing process of rebars in various large-scale projects, building construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, and large-scale water conservancy projects. In the process of using a bar cutting machine, there will be a phenomenon of low cutting efficiency. What is the reason for the reduced efficiency of bar cutting?

Because in the normal construction and production process, some application companies still inevitably experience some phenomena such as mechanical idling, technical interruption and reasonable holding, which naturally reduce the operating efficiency of the equipment, and the necessary spare machine teams often cause idleness. If there are some unfavorable weather conditions during the construction process, the relevant operators will also affect the operating efficiency of the equipment during the process of troubleshooting.

There are also some situations that can lead to poor operating efficiency of the bar cutting machine, such as the transport traction tools required for the transfer of machinery within the processing site, the time lost due to the mutual influence of supporting machinery, the over-quota transportation distance from the parking lot to the processing site, the limited efficiency caused by the conditions at the beginning of the construction, the time lost at the end of the project because the work amount is not full, the interrupted operation due to failures in the power supply and water supply and mobile maintenance of hydropower lines.

In addition, there is a certain gap in the structure and performance of the bar cutting machines produced by different manufacturers, which may cause that the performances of different equipment on processing rebars are mixed. The corresponding operation efficiency of equipment is naturally different, so it is also important to choose a trusted manufacturer.

In view of the above-mentioned reasons, users must pay enough attention to act appropriately to the situation and improve the operating efficiency of the bar cutting machine.