Causes and Solutions of Failures That Can Be Checked by the Wire

The competition in the rebar processing machinery industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many rebar processing machinery manufacturers continue to improve and upgrade their equipment. The wire straightener and cutter is an indispensable mechanical equipment in the rebar processing. It is inevitable that some products will suffer from some faults during use. In order not to affect the normal progress of the project, some minor faults can be checked and repaired by themselves.

1. After the wire is straightened and cut, the surface is scratched:
(1) First check whether there are scars on the surface of the wire itself. If there are scars, first solve the problem of wire surface quality.
(2) Whether there are burrs, sharp angles and other scratches at the wire inlet of the straightener
(3) Whether the edges of rollers, crimping grooves, and wire outlets are smooth and clean, with or without burrs and sharp angles.
(4) Whether the straightening wheel and crimping groove are smooth and clean, with or without burrs and sharp angles.

2. The wire straightener and cutter cannot straighten and cut off things:
(1) Whether the rebar and the cutter are on the same plane or on the same straight line.
(2) Whether the positions of the wire inlet, straightening roller, cutter and the conveying end of wire rod rebar are in the same straight line.
(3) Whether the rollers are pressed too tightly, resulting in inaccurate dimensional accuracy.
(4) Whether the cutter fits reasonably tightly.

3. Uneven incision and burrs:
If it is cut by a cutter:
(1) Knife and lower knife to remove sharp corners and burrs.
(2) The distance between the upper knife and the lower knife must be close.

If it is cut by the flying shear
(1) The left and right cutting blades of the flying shear remove sharp angles and burrs.
(2) Whether the left and right flying shears are running the same.

4. Machine noise of the wire straightener and cutter:
(1) Fix the wire straightener and cutter at the designated position and check whether the ground is level.
(2) Check whether the fixing screws at both ends of the main spindle are tightened.
(3) Whether the protective cover of the machine body is damaged.
(4) Whether the belt pulley and sprocket shaft are damaged.

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